2018 CanAm Classic Competitors!

Here's your chance to design the artwork for the 2018 CanAm t-shirts!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the CanAm Flyball Classic!
And we're looking for a great design to celebrate this milestone!

Once registration is closed, we will highlight the clubs
that will have attended all ten CanAms on the t-shirt!

Starting June 18th, send in your designs to marketing@flyball.org.

Closing for entries will be August 6th.

Here are the last nine years' t-shirt designs for examples.

2017 Design Winner - Jennifer Steede 2017 Design Winner - Jennifer Steede   2016 Design Winner - Sherry Cowart 2016 Design Winner - Sherry Cowart   2015 Design Winner - Keira Chin

2014 front   2014 back   2013 front  2013 back
2012 front pocket : 2012 back
2011 front   2011 back
2010 front   2009 front

Contact marketing@flyball.org for additional questions.


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